Web Series

  • Alex Kavutskiy's Guide to Filmmaking

    1 season

    Alex Kavutskiy, the L.A. filmmaker and self-proclaimed Channel 101* legend, walks us through a series of steps required to make quality films. “Alex Kavutskiy’s Guide to Filmmaking,” is a six-part comedy series characterized by endless layers of meta, hyperactive editing, and general irreverence ...

  • 16 Rachels

    1 season

    The lives of sixteen women are explored in intimate detail in this intriguing documentary series by Keaton Smith. Told in eight episodes, each documenting two women, “16 Rachels” is presented in a free-floating style, low on context, but high on realness. In the first episode, a young woman deals...

  • wormgirl
    1 season


    1 season

    Inspired by the time-bending isolation of NYC lockdown, “wormgirl” shows one woman inching from one tiny moment of existence to the next. Jamie McIntosh and Harry Cepka direct this slow-cinema anthology, a 10 episode series that depicts brief moments of activity or boredom. In various episodes, w...

  • Khaki is Not Leather

    1 season

    Set in quarantine, this six part series exploring intimacy, desire, and sexual fantasies via cam girls/boys finds unexpected connections in isolation. Ray Smiling directs “Khaki is Not Leather,” a provocative and sometimes hilarious anthology, unafraid to dive deep into edgy and uncomfortable wat...

  • Gemini

    An intimate story of the lives of two queer-identifying women in Norway struggling to navigate the messiness of their twenties. “Gemini,” directed by Anna Fredrikke Bjerke, is a seven episode drama centered around two roommates, Rubi and Samira, and their revolving door of relationships, awkward ...

  • Fairy Floss

    Housemates and friends, Jacob and Savanna, interview a bevy of outlandish characters for a room in their shared house. “Fairy Floss,” directed by Harry Quinlan, is an eight part Australian comedy series (presented here in one piece) which delves into a day long ordeal to find a new roommate. The ...